All Partner Statewide Meeting

What is an All Partner Statewide Meeting?
Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are composed of an Administrative Lead organization and several partners (e.g., hospitals; clinics; primary and behavioral health providers; substance use disorder services; social service agencies), and serve as vehicles to improve integration and coordination between physical health, behavioral health, and community service providers to serve the whole person. All-Partner Statewide meetings are designed as opportunities for IDNs to engage as a group in statewide forums to share best practices and exchange ideas around specific topics through facilitated activities, question and answer sessions with local and national leaders, and group work. Statewide meetings are intended to support shared learning and knowledge transfer among learning collaborative participants. All-Partner Statewide meetings occur up to four times per demonstration year.

What are the goals of the All Partner Statewide Meeting?
The primary goal of the All-Partner Statewide meetings is for statewide learning that supports the evolution of IDN project implementation to attainment of the state’s overall waiver goals.

Who is participating?
IDN Administrative Lead and invited partner staff are represented.

Statewide Meeting Dates



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