Learning Collaborative - All IDN Administrative Lead Meetings

All IDN Administrative Lead Meetings

What is an Administrative Lead LC Meetings?
Each Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) is required to have an Administrative Lead that acts as a coordinating entity for planning and implementing waiver projects, and ensuring that the network meets all state and CMS requirements. The All-IDN Administrative Lead meeting allows IDN Administrative Lead staff to engage as peers in facilitated discussions related to targeted interventions, best practices, successes, and challenges related to statewide and community projects. During each meeting, participants discuss how their interventions intersect and relate to the demonstration’s integration goals. All-IDN Administrative Lead meetings occur monthly.

What are the goals of the Administrative Lead LC Meetings?
The primary goal of the All-IDN Administrative Lead meetings is to facilitate cross-IDN learning that supports attainment of the state’s overall waiver goals.

Who is participating?
IDN Administrative Lead staff from all seven IDNs are represented.

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